A Word from Dr. Ghassan Hallak

“Whilst completing my education at the University of London (England), I once asked my professor, the late Henry J. Wilkinson, “what makes an ideal laboratory?” His reply back in 1977 was, “An ideal laboratory is one that produces clinically reliable results, to physicians and their patients, at the fastest turnaround time and the lowest possible cost“. So when I first established “Laboratoires St. Elie“ in Antelias in December 1997, my aim was to do just that. I wanted to provide the people of the Metn area of Lebanon with an establishment that will offer the best diagnostic laboratory service possible. I did not aim for our laboratory to become the biggest……… just the best.

Over the years my staff and I focused on the quality of patient care and on producing results that are diagnostically dependable, rather than on our size, finances or state-of-the-art technologies. This commitment has gained us the valued trust of a large sector of the Metn population, and a cherished reputation that has reached well beyond the Metn area.

As a result, we have had to increase our work force from 3 in 1977 to 16 at present, and we are now providing our services to patients, physicians and peer laboratories in many areas of Lebanon.

Our dedication continues now with the same zeal with which it has started almost 20 years ago, in spite of all the financial and political turmoil that our lovely country has had to endure. For our loyalty to patients is not a policy, but rather an inherent philosophy enshrined in our commitment to the ISO 15189 standard.

I thank you for visiting our website and we hope you enjoy getting to know more about us as you browse through its different sections. Please feel free to contact us directly for professional support, feedback, or any questions you may have.”

Dr. Ghassan Hallak

Managing Director at Laboratoires St. Elie